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Improper cleaning

  • Insufficient thorough cleaning
  • Improper cleaner


Inadequate preparation of surface and/or tape with regard to surface energy

  • See chapter: Guidelines for successful adhering


Tape sizing:

  • Ensure a suitable tape surface according to the load assumption.


Tape thickness

  • The tape must be applied with a sufficient surface to the basis (uneven surfaces require a greater thickness of tape).
  • When adhering different materials, it is necessary to take into account the elongation values 

Inadequate choice of tape type with regard to thermal load

  • The choice of EHB tapes according to temperature resistance is between 100 and 220 °C.


Inadequate working conditions

  • Choosing a suitable tape for working at low temperatures


Adhering pressure 

  • Insufficient pressure does not create sufficient application or adhesion of the tape to the surface (very important for uneven surfaces and lower temperatures).


Premature joint load

  • Immediate tape adhesion when following the instructions described above is 50-60% of the final value (80-90%) if using primer/sanding)
  • the final value of the adhesive joint occurs after 48 hours (the higher the temperature, the shorter the time).




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