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EHB adhesive tapes will meet the requirements only if the adhesive bonding procedure ensures 100% adhesion of the tape to the surface.


In this case, the tear test does not detach the tape from the surface, but the adhesive tape delaminates (cohesion fracture), so the adhesion is higher than the cohesion. Given the very high cohesion value of acrylate foam, it is understandable that the adhesion force must be very high.

The surface energy of materials (low, medium or high) plays a key role in this.

Undercoatings - Primers (Adhesion Promoter) are very helpful in solving this problem.


Example 4: low viscosity, very transparent, suitable for flat and smooth surfaces


Example 7: higher density, slightly milky colour, suitable for porous and uneven surfaces, such as wood, brick and concrete


Example 7 UV (including UV): the coated surface turns blue under UV light (application control enabled)


Example 3 UV (including UV): higher density, slightly milky colour, generally applicable to all surfaces





The applicators ensure fast and accurate work and savings on material:

  • Bottle (118 ml) 21A
  • Felt cover (22.2 mm) 32Y
  • Brush cover (22.2 mm) 60C
  • Bottle container (118 ml) 22A
  • Bottle container (236 ml) 22D





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